Sunday, January 25, 2009


For Jimmy's birthday he wanted to take the kids to Golfland. Kayla and James have been asking to go there for almost 2 years now. It seems like there is always something going on every weekend. They were SOOO excited when we pulled up to the castle. It's nice that Haylie is old enough to walk around and have fun too. She loved it just as much as Kayla and James did.

Kayla was awesome

James surprised us at how good he was.

He was all smiles the whole day:)

Haylie kept score and made sure NOBODY was cheating. She did a great job!

Haylie thought she was such a big girl carrying around her putter.
James and Haylie found out that it was a lot easier if you just throw the ball in.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flower Fairy

After weeks of planning, Haylie's birthday party turned out so cute. Since she looks like a little fairy we thought it would be fitting to do a fairy themed party to celebrate her turning 2. I gathered plants and trees from friends and family to create a fairy garden on our patio. I decorated the tables with potted flowers in the center, name tags for each child and then sprinkled pixie dust. As each child came in they received a special costume. The girls received glittery wings and the got a special shirt and an acorn hat. Each of the kids was given a special fairy lunch. The kids loved the peanut butter and jelly flowers, fruit wands and magical stars.
After eating lunch each of the kids decorated a magical wand. They wrapped sparkly pipe cleaners on the bottom of hearts, stars and twisted sparklers.
Each of the girls took turns getting a magical hair due with glitter and some fun twists to finish their outfits.
Then they danced around the yard until they needed a little pixie dust to add a little sparkle in their dance. They dipped a sweet wand into some sparkly pixie dust and they were off again to dance the day away. Haylie had lots of amazing gifts to open. She enjoyed every minute of tearing open each gift with the help of her big brother and a little help from her best friend Kaylie.
One of Haylie's favorite parts of her party was getting to blow out her candles. During the entire time we were singing Happy Birthday she was attempting to blow out her candles. Finally after we were done she gathered enough air to get the last candle out! I don't think any wish she made will come true:) Haylie and I wrapped a fairy book for each of the girls and a light up necklace for each of the boys. She also picked out rings and bracelets for each of the girls and lollipops for everyone. All of the kids really enjoyed getting to open a gift even though it wasn't their birthday.

Thanks to everyone who came. Each and every one of you made this an extra special day for Haylie. I added some more cute pics from the party. Hope you enjoy:)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow Days

What an awesome weekend we had! Both of my sisters and their families, my brother and my dad went with us to Show Low to hang out in the snow. We had planned to go from Friday to Saturday but we were having so much fun that we decided to stay through Sunday. The kids had so much fun playing in the snow outside the hotel and we went to Sunrise to played on the hill there too. On Sunday we woke up to the most beautiful snow covering all the cars and ground. We woke up the kids and they were so excited to see the snow coming down. Most of the kids have never seen a snow storm. Since there was so much snow we went to a hill in town and to play for a while before we headed home. As we played we could see the storm getting worse. I drove Sabrina and all the girls and Jimmy drove Chris and all the boys. I have never driven through snow before and I was scared to death!!! We had CB radios so that we could talk to each other and Jimmy could help guide me through. As we drove home it never stopped snowing until we left Payson. We saw people flip there SUV, people stuck on the side and a semi truck on the side putting chains on. It was such a pretty drive but scary too. We could barely see in front of us and my wind shield wipers froze. We had to have to defrost on high to try on melt the snow off the windshield and the windows open so we didn't die of heat exhaustion. Needless to say we made it home after 6 hours. Here are some pictures from our weekend.
Kayla flipped off her tube the 1st time down and hurt her hip.Just before we left
she felt okay to get up and throw a few snowballs.
James throwing a snowball:)Haylie on the 1st night.Everyone at the top of the hill. See how dark it was starting to get.
This was in the middle of the day!Kayla going down the hill. She loved it:)Me, Sabrina and RhiannaRobie, Rhianna and EmalieEmalie was all full of smiles:-)Sabrina, Chris and Kylee
She wasn't sleeping, she was pretending:)
R.J. and my dad (dorks)This was the beginning of the storm when we first got on the rode.Jimmy's tire had icicles on them. I was totally fascinated with this.
I don't get out much:)The snow was so high we couldn't see the signs!

We found our new home!