Friday, April 16, 2010

Multi-Cultural Day

One of great things we love about Rancho is the exposure to all of the different cultures.
On Multi-Cultural Day the entire school decorated their classrooms for a specific country. Each child was encouraged to dress up for the class country or their own heritage. They were also able to bring in a food or drink from another country to share with the whole school.
During the day the class toured each class and got to meet people from other countries, make a craft and even try on items. It was such a great experience for all the kids and they loved it. Kayla has always been interested in all of the other culturals and wants to travel around the world when she older. This gave her the opportunity to see where she might want to visit first!
Each child received a passport and at each stop they had it stamped. It even had each of the kids picture inside of it:) It was so cute!

Kayla and Ava
Aishling's family is from Ireland. She performed an Irish dance in front of the entire school and did an amazing job!