Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter is all full of fun at our house. The kids woke up to Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny. A little later Grandma Anna came over with some more Easter goodies for the kids. From candy to stuffed bunnies they had a great time looking at everything!

Our 1st egg hunt! The couldn't wait for the egg hunt. As soon as I got my picture they were off! As you can see in the picture....they love that I make them stop for a pic:) LOL

Now it is time for the big family hunt.
We filled hundreds of eggs and all the guys went out to hind them. I think Haylie was the Most excited to go out again hunting for eggs filled with treasure! She wasn't wasting any time:) I best part of the Holiday was having all the family together. The kids always enjoy getting to play with each other and so do the adults!

Happy Easter!
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