Monday, March 29, 2010

Egg Hunt

We were invited to join my cousin Shannon and her family at her husbands work Easter party.
The kids were so excited to go. They had an egg hunt for all the kids, games, petting zoo & face painting. It was a great way to practice for Easter Day!

Thank you Shannon and Luke for inviting us.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow much FUN:)

For spring break my friend Kim and I decided to pack up all the kids, leave the guys behind and head to Flagstaff. We stayed in a cute little cabin with plenty of snow for all the kids to play in right outside.
We drove up towards Snow Bowl to find a hill for the kids to go sleding. We found a great spot right off the rode and the kids had a blast.
James and Kayla had a snowball fight that was hilarious to watch.
Haylie and Kaylie did a pretty good job walking up the hill to sled down. They both loved going down on the sled.
Haylie was so cute pulling Kaylie around in the sled.
Here are some pics from our trip.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sycamore Fun!!!

This is the 1st time in many years that Sycamore Creek actually has water!
We were so excited to show the kids what it looked like when Jimmy and I used to go when we were dating. We had so much fun splashing through the water.

The kids had a blast building a dam in the creek and looking for gold:)

On the way out for our ride Jimmy lost his magnetic water bottle he had just got. We retraced our steps to try and find it but had no luck. On our way back to camp Kayla and I were in the lead and this is what we found. Someone was nice enough to hang it up on the tree for us to see!! Kayla was so excited to show Jimmy that we had found it:D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Kayla shocked us all when she did her 1st performance for cheer. My shy, quiet, reserved daughter entered the stage with a smile that stayed with her till the end. Every year she is so excited to get up on stage and show us what she has been working so hard on. But, when she gets up there the nerves set in and she hardly smiles and bites on her lower lips:( Not this year!!! She did a fabulous job not missing a beat. I was so proud to see her come out of her shell and enjoy her moment in the spot light.

After her cheer performance she joined her class to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This is her 1st year playing the violin and she is doing amazing.
Every year each class learns a dance and a song to perform at the Spring Show. This is Kayla and some of her classmates.


James is always making us laugh. He is not afraid to get up in front of everyone. He always does his best with a big smile:) His class sang and danced to Your Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story. They were so stinkin cute! He had the whole song and danced memorized (He had been practicing a home ALL the TIME!).

Haylie and her classmates performed the Open Court Chant. We were anxious to see if she would get out on the stage and participate. She loves to sing and dance but she is so shy and does not like people starring at her. As you can see in the pictures, it didn't phase her a bit to be in front of the crowd. She didn't sing in dance the whole time but she did most of it. All the them were so cute. You couldn't help but smile at their expressions:)


Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Cox, Sabrina and all the kids for taking time out of your Saturday to watch the kids perform! They were so excited to have a little fan club in the audience!!!! It really meant a lot to them:)