Sunday, May 27, 2012

50 Years Old and Counting....

The BIG 50 was not something mom was looking forward too but we were!!! LOL
Without her consent we planned a small surprise party for her, only inviting some of her closest friends. Little miss snoopy figured out what we were planning by looking through Michaela's text messages.
She surprised us by showing up an hour late! Yes, she is known for being late so we all should have known better than to give her the right time:) Little did she know that a bestie was going to surprise her. There's nothing better than being surprised by that voice you'll never forget! We knew how much it meant to her when we seen the tears:)
 Happy Birthday Mom!
We love you!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last day of school

 It's so hard to believe another year of school is over! 
This year has really just flown right by. Kayla and James have made some really good friends and will take countless memories with them for years to come.

Kayla moved up to middle school and was so excited to have a locker & lab top. She felt like a "big girl"! LOL We are so proud of all the hard work she in this year. 
Left to Right: Helen, Xianna, Kiki, Taylor, Kayla & Allie
 Ciera & Kayla
 Saying goodbye was really hard for Kayla this year:( With such a small group of girls they are all very close. I think a lot of sleepovers and play dates will be going on this summer!

James was not ready for summer to begin because he says he will miss seeing his friends every day:( But he on the other hand is SO excited to get to sleep in go camping!
This is James with some of his classmates playing cold potato. A water balloon filled with water in put in the freezer to freeze. Peel off the balloon and play hop potato! THE KIDS LOVED IT:)
 This was a fun game. Fill the plastic pool with ice and have the kids fill the bucket in the middle with the ice using their feet! They had a blast...and frozen feet:)
James & Mrs. Robinson