Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kayla's Double Digits!!!

Can you believe Kayla is in the double digits!!! I know I can't:) If she gets older than I get older. I'm thinking we should just stop now and call it good!

Kayla decided on an Alice in Wonderland party this year.
Anna and I had too much fun organizing this party. Every time we would see each other (which is often) we would come of with more changes and ideas. Even down to the few days prior to the party while we were decorting and making another list for the store!
In order to pull this one off were decorated the house for
THREE days!
In the end, it was well worth it:)

Before the party I had a photo shot with Kayla in her party dress. Kayla and Grandmom Anna designed it together based on the dress Alice wore in the movie. I must say it was AMAZING!
She was so beautiful in it and she did a fabulous job during the photo shot.

The party decorations were perfect. All of the tables were arranged in a u shape so that all the girls could enjoy watching the new Alice in Wonderland movie on the big screen during the party. As each of the girls arrived they found their place setting at the table and started on their very own Mad Hatter hat. I must say the girls did a fantastic job!

After taking some pictures the girls came back to the table for some lunch and desserts. They each received small tea sandwiches with a few sides and then some tasty treats!

Here's the cake Kayla designed! Too Cute:)

Thanks to Anna the decorations were TOO perfect.
In between the mushrooms around the entire were room were roses with faces, characters from the movie and many other details from the movie. All around the room we had clocks with different times on them and framed pics of Kayla and the characters from the movie. At the table there were more framed pictures from Kayla's photo shoot, little hats filled with goodies, candles, adorable pots with flowers and much more!
Here's a few pics. Unfortunatly all of my cards were full and my computer was not working to clear them. I had to rely on everyone else for pics. Thanks you guys!

A big THANK YOU for everyone who was able to attend Kayla's party.
She had the time of her life and was so happy to have so many wonderful friends with her!
Happy 10th Birthday Kayla!
We love you, Mom and Dad