Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ella's 1st Easter

 You had a great 1st Easter.
Between eating, sleeping and being loved on by all the family you were one happy girl!

The bunny has come.....

Happy Easter

The hunt is on.....
Easter baskets from Grandma Anna!
Time for the rest of the family to join us for food and another hunt!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Bunny is Coming

As usual Easter was filled with fun for all!
"Do I have to decorate eggs this year. It's boring!" Kayla says as soon as I announced what we were doing. I responded in my usual "moms" voice with,"Yep, there is no option in participating with this activity!"

Yes, in the picture above she is smiling because she enjoyed every minute:) A few minutes after we got started she was counting all the eggs to make sure everyone had an even amount. When I reminded her that she didn't even want to participate so why was she so concerned she said,"Well I forgot how much fun it is!" Ya.....that's what I thought!
It's so much fun doing it with the kids at these ages. Thy put more thought into them and the conversations are always so entertaining:) James and Haylie made Ella, Grandma Anna and Jimmy special ones. They all turned out so cute.