Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 ALREADY!!! read that right! James turned 6 this month:) I can't believe it has been six years already. He is such a sweet little boy and always a joy to have around!
For his birthday this year he wanted to have an army party. Anna and I had the best time planning this, with the help of James!
As the kids arrived we gave each of the a dog tag, bandanna, face painting and mask. Then they went of to the Mess Hall for some lunch before Boot Camp.
After lunch it was time for training!!!
Here's some of the kids lined up waiting for training:)
1st they all had to crawl through the dark tunnel.
(There was a bunch of wet mop hanging from the top!)
Now through the 40 foot obsticale course.
Run as fast as you can through the tires!
Water balloon boobs were shot with a sling shot through the hoops!
I'm happy to announce that everyone made it through Basic Training!!
Great work everyone!

It's not a party unless you have a pinata...right!
James wanted to decorate his cake by himself. It's his birthday why not!

Here's some random pics from the party!
After all the kids were done all of the adults raced through. Wow were getting old! It wasn't as easy as it looked!
Haylie and Kaylie were so sinkin cute!
Thank you Luke for letting us borrow your clothes. They looked so cool hanging up around the mess hall! The kids enjoyed looking at them:)

Happy Birthday James!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Bye 2009-2010 School Year!

Mrs. Childers was such a blessing to have as a teacher for Kayla. Kayla had a hard time saying goodbye to one of her favorite teachers.

Good Bye 3rd grade and Mrs. Childers. I will miss you!

This was an exciting year for James. Mrs. Lawver and Mrs. Molnar worked so well together. James had an amazing year all because of these two wonderful ladies:)

Good bye Pre-K 4. The two of you will always hold a special place in my heart:)

Ms. Camba was Haylie 1st teacher. She loved going to school and playing with her friends. She learned so many new things from Ms. Camba. She always came home singing and dancing new songs she learned in school.
Good Bye Pre-K 2's and Ms. Camba. I will miss singing with you and all my friends:)

We are so proud of all the accomplishments our kids have made this year! They have all learned so much this year. I love that James is excited to read and it makes me smile every time I go past his read at night and I can hear him reading:) Kayla has changed so much since the beginning of the year. She has gained confidence in herself and in has shown in all of her work:) Watching Haylie practice writing her name, numbers and the alphabet has been such a joy. She went from just wanting to make circles to wanting learn more.
Great job Kayla, James & Haylie!
We know you will do great again next year:)